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EcoHouseNet, founded by Dr Tina Holt, offers independent consultancy to developers, homeowners and community groups. It provides extensive expertise on energy efficiency, green technology and cost effectiveness whether assisting on radical refurbishment projects, new builds or offering individual householders advice on mainstream efficiency improvements or simple energy saving habits.

EcoHouseNet prides itself on being at the forefront of knowledge about developments within the ever-changing industry of energy efficiency.  It is also passionate about sharing its expertise with others and looks forward to hearing from you. 

Home owners and self-builders


Whether you want to move, improve or build a new home, live off grid or just weigh up some energy-saving options, there are so many things to consider. I can help you to think through a range of options. 




Developers and landlords


Talking to tenants about the impending refurbishment of their home, or explaining to tenants how to get the best from their wonderful low energy homes when they move in – I can help.





Community groups dummy 


 I offer talks and workshops right across the energy saving spectrum. Getting friends, families or communities together to tackle a shared concern or problem is a wonderful way to get started. Remarkable things can happen when we harness the power of community.